Asset Management

Keep your most popular reports available 24/7

Example Automations:

  • Monitor asset performance | Get analytics to easily visualize and understand financial variances from actual to budget / Argus
  • Template property close checklist | easily understand what is left to do this month
  • Tenant billings | set up reminders to bill, tracking of property accountants billing patterns
  • Complete view into who you owe | outstanding payables, upcoming budgeted capital
  • Fund roll up models for monthly and quarterly reporting as well as analyzing historical returns
Asset Management


Quick and easy modeling and deal tracking

Example Automations:

  • Easy-to-use Acquisition Model to get a quick snapshot into deal metrics, terms, and returns. Customize to your structure your way.
  • Track current deals in process (Kanban) | set up notification when status change, adds, deletes
  • Contact Database for team members including easy links for communication
  • Gantt chart tracking critical dates (Under contract, closing)
  • Closing Checklists and generic closing cost templates | Set daily, bi-weekly emails with % complete

Accounting and Fund Management

Stop copying and pasting data between different systems.

Example Automations:

  • Asset Plan Summary with Business Plan | Set standardized delivery dates of the quarterly asset plan
  • Property Snapshot | Set email snapshot to be sent to specified individuals on a set schedule or ad hoc
  • Tenant Exposure | Easily see how your fund / portfolio / property is exposed by tenant, SIC type, or your own classification.
  • Lender Analysis | set up notifications based on critical dates or specified reductions to DSCR/DY metrics
  • Lender financial reporting | Set-up standardized reports and automate the dissemination of required financial reporting
Accounting and Fund Management
Property Management

Property Management

Real time budget to actual variances and outstanding accounts receivable

Example Automations:

  • Monitor asset performance | Get analytics to easily visualize and understand revenue variances from actual to budget
  • Tenant expirations | notifications to coordinate with leasing on how much is owed and compliance with renewal terms
  • Track tenants OFB and tenants moving out | Simple checklist with status updates. Include navigation to contacts that can be reviewed / shared easily and quickly
  • Understand your risk | Summary view into expired/expiring COIs, set reminders to follow up with tenants
  • Tracking capex and payment | Understanding who you owe and when payables are due


Always know exactly how many properties, how many SQFT, and how many spaces you have to lease.

Example Automations:

  • Leasing agent historical transactions | Send a notification to the company when a new lease is executed
  • Vacancies by leasing agent (see all available leasing activity) | Notification when new space goes vacant
  • Upcoming renewals by leasing agent | Notification based on either days before expiration if no options or follow-up before or after option notice date
  • Search functionality to see other transactions completed with a specific tenant | Notification to company with summary of historical transactions

Third Party Providers


Go to market faster and win the deal
  • Produce BOVs faster than competition
  • Automate the creation of sales package financials and rent rolls
  • Run sensitivities on unleveraged and leveraged cash flows quickly
  • Share MLAs with clients to update models more quickly than ever
  • Create your own deal database and dashboard for enhanced client insights
  • No install required
  • Cloud-based solution
  • No IT involvement required
  • Your data fully segregated on dedicated servers
  • You own your data, always


Imagine knowing exactly what is going on with every asset in your portfolio
  • Monitor historical asset performance and projected results
  • Run sensitivities on debt service coverage and debt yield quickly and easily
  • Size new loan opportunities faster than other lenders
  • Harmonize lender reporting requirements and borrower financial reporting for more efficient data collection


What if your appraisal reports could take a fraction of the time to prepare?
  • Produce ready to use financial information and rent roll for appraisals
  • Calculate values quicker than other appraisers
  • Customize and automate report creation
  • Connect to your mapping and photo databases